[ 30. Januar 2012 ]

SOFTWARE – introducing Cosmosƒ; and advanced stochastic synthesizer

Von: Sinan Bokesoy
Datum: 30. Januar 2012 12:01:15 MEZ
Betreff: introducing Cosmosƒ; and advanced stochastic synthesizer

introducing COSMOSƒ an advanced stochastic synthesizer

Cosmosƒ is a unique tool for composers and sound designers. Cosmosƒ
is a real-time dynamic stochastic synthesis engine, which does
generate sonic textures with a complex event distribution process.
Having a recursive audio structure running in a hierarchy of multiple
time scales, Cosmosƒ has the potential to form sonic creations that
cannot be handled by traditional synthesis methods.
Cosmosƒ distributes sonic events of certain density with their onset
time and duration parameter calculated by stochastic/deterministic
functions. Thanks to its self similar structure and feedback loop, it
distributes them with certain interdependency offering potential
emergent behavior. The user intervenes with the system in real-time by
inputting a sound source or accessing different type of synthesis/
modulation generators and by controlling the parameters for the sonic
event distribution on different time scales. The output of the system
is fed back again to the input, as the micro-event sample data. The
micro level characteristics of the sonic material influence the macro
level properties. This recursive system uses its own output and
creates a multi layered development in the sonic structure.