[ 3. Juni 2012 ]

SOFTWARE – Lancement de ZirkOSC Release

Von: Robert Normandeau
Datum: 3. Juni 2012 01:21:20 MESZ
Betreff: Lancement de ZirkOSC Release

Hi everybody,

This is the launching day of ZirkOSC an Audio Unit plug-in that allows
the user to control the spatialisation through the Zirkonium
(spatialization tool for a dome of speakers, developed by the ZKM)
from any AU compatible audio sequencer.
It has been developed by the GRIS (Groupe de recherche en immersion
spatiale) of Université de Montréal.
Tests have been made with Digital Performer (7.24), Logic (9.17) and
Reaper (4.22); Audio Server: Jack OSX (0.89); MacOSX used is 10.6
(Snow Leopard).


Setup instructions are included.

These instructions assume that you are familiar with:

Jack manual
Zirkonium manual
DP, Logic or Reaper manuals

Speakers dome not included…

Robert Normandeau