[ 22. September 2012 ]

SOFTWARE – MAX Sequencer Object

Von: Kevin Austin
Betreff: MAX Sequencer Object
Datum: 22. September 2012 03:40:17 MESZ


For musicians, this could be the Max external to end all Max externals. Max has long been a powerful, open-ended environment for creation. But sometimes you want a piano roll, or a score, or a timeline. Efforts to do that in the past have been sketchy at best.
note~ gives you all these things in a single add-on.

At its heart, it’s a classic MIDI sequencer. It records and plays back sequence, and lets you edit note values. That’s already fairly revolutionary to have in the Max environment. But then things get interesting: in addition to the graphical display, you can script input and output to and from the object, meaning you can create your own, custom sequencing tools. You get an interface you recognize, but with the power to control every action or drive anything with the sequence. (There’s a nice example involving video.) And that means combining this with the rest of the objects in Max gets fairly intense.