[ 15. Januar 2011 ]

SOFTWARE – New Android audio developers mailing list (Ross Bencina)

Von: Kevin Austin
Datum: 15. Januar 2011 06:08:58 MEZ
Betreff: New Android audio developers mailing list (Ross Bencina)

Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 16:42:21 +1100
From: „Ross Bencina“

Hi All

Google recently launched a new C/C++ programming interface (OpenSL ES)
for audio development on Android devices. I expect this will mark the
beginning of a new world of audio applications for Android phones and

Following discussions on various forums and lists a few of us have
created a mailing list specifically to discuss topics related to
Android audio software development (whether for music, games, media or
whatever else you can imagine). If you’re a developer and you’re
interested in audio software on Android devices, please join us. You
can find an overview of the list and information about subscribing here:


Please pass this invite on to anyone who you think might be
interested. Feel free to repost, blog, link and tweet.

Many thanks to Douglas Repetto and Brad Garton at Columbia University
Music Department for hosting the list.

Ross Bencina
Andraudio list admin