[ 12. Januar 2013 ]

SOFTWARE – new versions of Max6 tutorials for beginning students

From: „Phillips, Mark“
Subject: new versions of Max6 tutorials for beginning students
Date: 2013 January 12 11:47:38 AM EST

If you teach a beginning Max class … or if you are a student just beginning to learn Max … you may be interested in these.

new version — updated and significantly expanded — is a set of Max tutorials for beginners. It contains a collection of simple patches, useful Max/MIDI “tools,” plus small demo and example patches aimed primarily at students just beginning to learn Max. The tutorials cover only Max (no MSP or Jitter modules). The patches are all pretty well documented, and provide a lot of “instant gratification,” since users can immediately interact with the patches and make “noise” with them. They are intended to supplement the tutorials that come with the program.

I also completed a Max6 update to my „venerable“ E-A_MusicPrimer.

Check out both at either of the links below.


Mark Phillips http://www.ohio.edu/people/phillipm/