[ 12. Oktober 2011 ]

SOFTWARE – PD on iPhone and Android

Von: Eldad Tsabary
Datum: 11. Oktober 2011 06:26:37 MESZ
Betreff: [cec-c] PD on iPhone and Android

For those interested, there seem to be a few ways to run PD patches on
an iPhone and iPad.
The easiest way, it seems is to use a free app called RJDJ which
allows to load user-created scenes (practically PD patches).
I’ve asked around the PD list a little and thanks to help from some
(Joe White primarily, thanks Joe) I managed to get its basic operation.
It seems pretty capable, as long as you are not married to the PD old
Others on the PD list recommended PdDroidParty for PD on your android

Fun… you can take your own noise makers and complex processes with
you in your pocket (what has it got in its pocketses?)
There’s much to explore there; I thought this would pique some peeps‘

Here’s a couple of links that describe how to go about it:
http://blog.rjdj.me/pages/pd-utilities – where you would also download
the necessary RJZ server.
and also with more detail (but some dead links) over here:

You will also need to download the RJ library via git:
To get git:
After installing it, in order to get rjlib you need to type in the
git clone https://github.com/rjdj/rjlib.git

Good luck