[ 20. Februar 2012 ]

SOFTWARE – Release SoundGrain 4.1.0 (granular sound synthesis)

Von: Olivier Bélanger
Datum: 17. Februar 2012 06:59:13 MEZ
Betreff: Release SoundGrain 4.1.0 (granular sound synthesis)

Hello all,

SoundGrain is a graphical interface where users can draw and edit
trajectories to control granular sound synthesis modules.
SoundGrain 4.1.0 is now available to download on SoundGrain’s web site :


This version fixes several bugs and adds some important features :

Fixed crash when playing with number of channels.
Fixed unicode support, allowing non-ascii characters.
Fixed trajectories and FxBalls position when resizing the application
Added support for ASIO driver on Windows.
Added sample floating-point precision in the Audio Drivers menu.
Added new FxBalls : Chorus, Frequency Shift, Detuned Resonator.
Added the possibility to mix multiple sounds (with crossfade) into the
drawing area.

For questions and comments, please contact : belangeo@gmail.com