[ 1. September 2010 ]

SOFTWARE – soundhack pd & max externals

Von: julian
Datum: 1. September 2010 05:15:15 MESZ
Betreff: Fwd: soundhack pd & max externals

might be of interest to some. 🙂


We have just released the first complete version of the SoundHack
externals for PD & Max. These externals replicate most of the
SoundHack plugins and are offered free of charge. Included in this
collection are externals for amplitude shaping and distortion
(+compand~, +chebyshev~ & +decimate~); single-head, multi-head,
pitchshifting and granular delays (+delay~, +pitchdelay~, +bubbler~);
and the spectral shapers, a set of spectral filters and dynamics
processors (+binaural~, +morphfilter~, +spectralcompand~ &

This package is available (free) at

As this is the first release, we expect bugs – don’t hesitate to write
us at support at soundhack.com.
These externals were programmed by William Brent, Tom Erbe, Daniel
Arias, Bryan Oczkowski and Trevor LeVieux. Big thanks to the UC San
Diego Department of Music and the Center for Research in Computing and
the Arts for their support.

PS – Don’t despair – Windows versions are coming…


tom erbe | soundhack | 608 carla way la jolla, ca 92037
tre at soundhack dot com