[ 6. August 2011 ]

SOFTWARE – SoundMagic Spectral plug-ins & au~ MSP external

Von: Michael Norris
Datum: 3. August 2011 03:33:12 MESZ
Betreff: Updated: SoundMagic Spectral plug-ins and au~ MSP external

Hi everyone

I’m pleased to announce an update to my SoundMagic Spectral plug-ins
suite and to the au~ MaxMSP AudioUnit-hosting external.

New versions can be downloaded from:


SoundMagic Spectral Beta 6
— updated all effects to 64-bit/32-bit
— fixed potential crashes in Spectral Filterbank & Granulation
— added Spectral Weave effect
— added „Gate Type“ parameters to Spectral Gate & Hold
— added a silence stage to Spectral Gate & Hold
— fixed a crash in Spectral Bin Shift
— added some new options to Spectral Bin Shift
— fixed some incorrect operation in Spectral Freezing

au~ b0.7
— Added a „plugins umenu“ function to correctly format the plugins
list messages for a umenu
— changed the way the „numparams“ message works, to make it easier to
work with
— fixed some problems with the AU window drawing, which should solve a
number of occasional crashes
— updated the help patch

Michael Norris
Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader, Composition
New Zealand School of Music
PO Box 2332