[ 12. Oktober 2011 ]

SOFTWARE – Zyne 0.1.0, modular synthesizer

Von: Olivier Bélanger
Datum: 11. Oktober 2011 05:32:57 MESZ
Betreff: [cec-c] [Release] Zyne 0.1.0 – Modular synthesizer

Hello all,

It is with pleasure that I announce the first version of Zyne, my new
modular synth, available for download on GoogleCode:


Zyne is an environment dedicated to sound design and creation of
sample bank.

Zyne features:

1 – More than ten of sound synthesis modules
2 – A very simple API for creating your own modules
3 – A system for downloading third-party modules designed
4 – Play via a MIDI keyboard or a virtual keyboard
5 – Automatic export of samples or chords
6 – Ability to export each track separately
7 – Automatic assignment of MIDI controllers on the control sliders
8 – Lots of fun!