[ 22. Mai 2012 ]

STELLENAUSSCHREIBUNG – Frontend Experience Developer at Resn

Von: „CreativeApplications.Net“
Datum: 22. Mai 2012 16:29:49 MESZ
Betreff: Frontend Experience Developer at Resn
Company: Resn

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Type: Technologist
Job Type: Full-Time

Resn Amsterdam is looking for a sweet-sweet Front-end Experience
Developer because we’ve been told by this guy we met last week that we
should probably get one. We need someone who can wield the red-hot
combination waffle iron of Flash and HTML7.9 with recklessly strategic
abandon to create the kind of crispy interactive experiences that make
us wish we’d never been born.

You’ll be working in Amsterdam but in a liason with our wolf-pack in
New Zealand: multi-skilled developers with varying degrees of beard
growth, animators with varying degrees of hygiene, producers with
varying degrees of height and designers with no degrees at all, all on
a deviant mission to deliver hard the highest quality user experience
ever created by anyone ever. You will plan your interactive attacks in
detail and know all the best tips ‘n’ tricks allowing you to weave
consistent and desirable experiences across the scattered landscape
that is the modern desktop and mobile web.

You’ll be responsible for the research, development and production of
hemorrhaging edge dev and have your fingers up the skirt of what’s
new and years of experience in what’s old.

We have just moved to Amsterdam, Holland, a breathtaking city filled
with buildings, roads and people. You’ll be a key part of our emerging
Resn-euro-troupe and be instrumental in helping us learn how to dress,
clean and behave in the old country.

If you want to move here from over the seas we’ll talk the pilot into
free flights or pay for them and help you get setup in our golden
nugget of creativity.

Join the Resn Viking barge as it thrusts its love mast in the centre
of a quivering and unsuspecting Europe!

* 3+ years agency experience kicking either Flash or HTML/CSS and JS
in the balls.
* Knowledge of OOP, design patterns and when to use them.
* Experience designing and integrating with APIs (JSON, XML and
* Experience creating high-end 2D & 3D programmatic animations,
transitions and visuals.
* Methodical planning of your approach to the complex problems of high
end experience development.
* Experience with formal browser testing, frameworks and libraries,
and version control systems.
* An eye and passion for detail and a hunger to achieve the best
* Can speak England good. Dutch is a bonus.
* If you are an HTML/javascript developer with no Flash experience we
are still keen to hear from you. HTML is the future from the past…

Bonus Points:
* Education in computer science is a huge asset.
* Experience with WebGL and/or Stage3D? Will you marry us?
* Experience developing web apps for mobile phones and tablets.
* Backend knowledge: Pythong, PHP, Noddy.js etc.

Send your sexy-time work and experiments to the email address below
and tell us why Resn is the man for you.
Please mention what your involvement was on the projects you display.
Awards are great – we love awards because the people who pay us love
Please send any personal works as well as those often contain the gold
and the soul.

Ideally you will already have a permit to live and work in the
Netherlands that said we can help you find a way in if you are the
bees knees.

If interested, contact dev_4_life@resn.co.nz with CV and examples of