[ 17. Oktober 2011 ]

STELLENAUSSCHREIBUNG – Open position: Researcher and Developer for the Audio2Note

Von: Kevin Austin
Datum: 17. Oktober 2011 18:09:53 MESZ
Betreff: Open position: Researcher and Developer for the Audio2Note

Dear colleagues,

please find here below an open position at IRCAM.
We would appreciate if you could forward to interested parties.


Kind regards
Axel Roebel

JOB TITLE: Researcher and Developer for the Audio2Note (A2N) Project

A full time researcher position is immediately available in the
analysis/synthesis team of IRCAM.

The Analysis/Synthesis team is researching and developing new and
advanced algorithms for sound signal anal synthesis and transformation.
The A2N project aims to establish signal processing libraries for
accessing individual note polyphonic possibly multichannel audio
signals. The algorithm is based on a C++ implémentation of an algorithm
for mul fundamental frequency estimation that has been developed
previously in the Analysis/Synthesis team. The objective of position is
to finalize, evaluate and optimize the current implementation and to
conduct research and development of the library for a number of
applications in the context of different software environments.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT TASKS: The candidate will perform the following
tasks: o conduct research into algorithmic improvements of the existing
algorithms o conduct research into adaptations as well as extensions of
the existing algorithms for new applications. o supervise students
working on problems related to the A2N project o evaluation of existing
and newly developed algorithms o design, implement and continually
improve the library and the corresponding API for integration into
different soft applications. o communicate with other developers to
ensure a smooth integration of the library in existing software
environments. o testing of the library. o create and distribute demo
packages and beta releases for testing purposes. o handling of user
feedback. o prepare software releases.


Excellent knowledge of digital audio signal processing algorithms

Several years of experience with signal processing algorithms covering
the fields: polyphonic fundamental freque estimation, spectral masking,
signal separation, spectral domain representations, sinusoidal models.

Excellent knowledge and multiple years of experience with the MATLAB
programming environment.

Good knowledge and experience of C++ and C programming language.
Experience with STL.

Interest for music. o High productivity, methodical and autonomous
work, creativity, good communication skills, and excellent programming

AVAILABILITY: The position is available in the „Analysis/Synthesis“ team
in the R&D department starting as soon as possible.

DURATION The initial contract is for 6-8 months, a prolongation of the
contract is intended. It will depend on the results obtained during
initial working period.

SALARY: According to background and experience.

TO APPLY: – Please send your resume with qualifications and other
pertinent information preferably by email to:
Axel.Roebel@ircam.fr (Axel Roebel, Head of the Analysis/Synthesis team)
or by fax at: (33 1) 44 78 15 40, to Axel Roebel
or by surface mail to: Axel Roebel, IRCAM, 1 Place Stravinsky, 75004

Axel Roebel
Head of the Analysis/Synthesis Team, IRCAM
Phone: ++33-1-4478 4845 | Fax: ++33-1-4478 1540

Nicolas OBIN | PhD | Speech Technologies
contact | nobin@ircam.fr
33 (0) 1 44 78 48 90, Fax : 33 (0)1 44 78 15 40