[ 11. Oktober 2012 ]

STOCKHOLM – Distance/Intimacy Slussen | Nordic Music Days 2012

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From: Åsa Stjerna
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 9:25 PM
Subject: Distance/Intimacy Slussen | Nordic Music Days 2012

Distance / Intimacy – Slussen

is a sound artwork by Åsa Stjerna, specially created for Slussen in
Stockholm, as a part of the Nordic Music Days 2012 festival. The idea is to
create a sonic overview of inner-city Stockholm’s most fragmented area.
Where does Slussen begin? Where does it end, and how do these distances

Many of Stockholm’s inhabitants experience the centrally-located Slussen –
an area between the expanse of Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea – as complete
chaos. Stressed pedestrians swarm across squares and through tunnels.
Traffic negotiates complicated road systems, whilst cyclists try not to get
in each other’s way, and vendors hawk their wares. Recently, after a
prolonged period of public debate, the whole area is due to be demolished
and redeveloped. This is, quite simply, one of the city centre’s most
disordered areas, riven in a variety of partial spaces.

The sound artist Åsa Stjerna has created a work, which restores this chaotic
area, through the use of musical tones, transforming it into a totality: a
single place. At least, for the 20-minute duration of the sound work. In
Distance/Intimacy – Slussen three hundred wind players are positioned across
seven different locations throughout this vast area.

Together they perform a simple sound structure, formed of extended scale
patterns, where tones resound from place to place in a somewhat circular
motion. Initially, it is possible to distinguish from where the sounds
emanate, but gradually they coalesce to create an increasingly homogenous
wash of sound.

Each orchestra/location constitutes a voice, similar to foghorns signalling;
they highlight the interstitial distances and intimacies, and gauge the
distances that characterise Slussen.

About the premiere:

Date: 11/10/2012 Time: 7:30 PM

Recommended listening position: Rysstorget (the area directly in front of
the subway station on Södermalmstorg).

Featuring: Stockholm Wind Symphony, Culture schools from Norrtälje, Tyresö,
Sollentuna, Nynäshamn and Järfälla, Stockholm Youth Wind Symphony, Danderyd
and Gustavberg Wind Orchestras.

Placement of the ensembles: 1. On the Katarina elevator’s footbridge. 2. The
terrace alongside Mosebacke. 3. The roof of the subway station at
Södermalmstorg/Rysstorget. 4. The courtyard to Stockholm City Museum. 5.
Beside the Hilton at the far end of Södermalmstorg. 6. On the Cloverleaf
interchange. 7. At Slussplan.

For more information: Contact Anna Holmström, Communications Officer,
Stockholm Wind Symphony/Musikaliska: 08-545 703 19/076-517 03 19.