[ 8. Juni 2013 ]

STRASBOURG – Apokalyptica MAMCS Strasbourg

Von: Elektramusic
Betreff: Apokalyptica MAMCS Strasbourg
Datum: 7. Juni 2013 09:40:50 MESZ

electroacoustic music

Elektramusic/direction Paul Clouvel, is pleased to announce the world premiere of „Apokalyptica“, a video electroacoustic operatorio, music by Frederic KAHN, video by Thomas BART, texts by Fernando ARRABAL, at the MAMCS Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts in Strasbourg on June 13th at 08:00 PM.

For this premiere, ELEKTRAMUSIC is pleased to announce that novelist, film maker and poet Fernando ARRABAL will be in Strasbourg with us :

– June 12th at 05:00 PM : conference with Fernando Arrabal at Librairie Kleber Strasbourg
– June 12th at 07:00 : official reception for F.Arrabal, F.Kahn and Th.Bart at the City Hall Strasbourg
– June 13 at 08:00 : Premiere of ‚Apokalyptica‘ at museum of modern art Strasbourg
– June 26th at 07:00 : screening of movie ‚Viva la Muerte‘ (F.Arrabal 1971) at Museum of modern art Strasbourg