[ 28. September 2014 ]

STUDIUM – Graduate studies in Brooklyn

From: „Douglas E. Geers“
Date: 2014 September 26

Hi from sunny New York City! I hope this message finds you well.

I’m writing to announce that the City University of New York’s Brooklyn
College, where I teach, has just added 34 new graduate-level
composition- and technology-related courses to our curriculum. These
courses will begin to be offered in rotation beginning in fall 2015.
The complete list of new courses is below.

We welcome applications to our master’s programs for next fall.
Interested composers may inquire to me at this address.

Our many new courses may cause some to wonder whether one or more
additions to our graduate degree offerings might be in the works. At
the moment, I cannot say anything in print because no new programs have
been approved. I hope to announce something later this fall.

Best wishes,

Doug Geers

New Courses at Brooklyn College:
1. Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Music
2. Computer-Assisted Composition
3. Interactive Computer Music
4. Advanced Interactive Computer Music
5. History of Electronic & Computer Music
6. History of Sound Art
7. History of Popular Music and Technology
8. History & Analysis of Cinema Scores
9. Analysis of Electroacoustic Music
10. Music Business for Composers
11. Techniques for Recording Music/Audio Engineering
12. Advanced Audio Recording and Engineering
13. Sequencing/Sampling
14. Sound Design I
15. Sound Design II
16. Conducting for Recording Sessions
17. Orchestration for Cinema I
18. Orchestration for Cinema II
19. Scoring for Motion Pictures & New Media
20. Scoring Composition Seminar
21. Musicianship for Sound Artists
22. Seminar in Sonic Arts
23. Special Topics in Sonic Arts
24. Sonic Arts Capstone Seminar
25. Music Production Workshop I
26. Music Production Workshop II
27. Private Scoring Lessons I
28. Private Scoring Lessons II
29. Media Scoring Capstone I
30. Media Scoring Capstone II
31. Sonic Arts Composition I
32. Sonic Arts Composition II
33. Sonic Arts Composition III
34. Sonic Arts Composition IV

Douglas Geers
Associate Professor of Music
Acting Chair, Department of Film
Director, Center for Computer Music
Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music
City University of New York