[ 7. Juli 2016 ]

STUDIUM – Master PRO Computer Music Producer

Von: Laurent POTTIER via cec-conference

Datum: Thu, 7 Jul 2016

Betreff: [cec-c] Master PRO Computer Music Producer


The Music and Musicology Department of Jean Monnet University

(Lyon-Saint-Etienne FRANCE) is pleased to announce a new Professional

Master II program in Computer Music and Arts.

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This Master aims at preparing to positions in relation with Computer

Music Production.

The Computer Music Producer is a direct actor in musical productions

using technologies.

He is situated at the interface between researchers in computer music,

software developers and composers (or artists) who need to use advanced

technology in music and sound production.

This Master provides a rigorous training in both musical and technical

areas with focus on composition, sound engineering and computer music

specialized languages.

What kind of openings are there after this course?

– Computer Music Producer

– Engineer Musician

– Sound engineer focused on technology

– Composer, Sound Designer specialized in electroacoustic

– Musicologist (research, creation, composition)

– Professor in Music Assisted by Computers

In partnership with CNSMD Lyon – GRAME – SMAC FIL St-Etienne

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Laurent Pottier

Maître de conférence HDR en musicologie

Responsable du Master PRO „RIM – Réalisateur en Informatique Musicale“

Université Jean Monnet

35, rue du 11 novembre

42023 Saint-Etienne Cedex 02

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