[ 18. November 2011 ]

STUDIUM – MSc/PhD positions in Auditory Perception/Cognition – Canada

From: Michael Schutz
Subject: MSc/PhD positions in Auditory Perception/Cognition
Date: 2011 November 17 9:49:26 AM EST

The MAPLE (Music, Acoustics, Perception and LEarning) lab at McMaster
University has openings for MSc/PhD students interested in pursuing
advanced study in perception/cognition within the Department of
Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (PNB). Students in the lab will
work closely with the PI (Dr. Michael Schutz), and have access to the
strong network of researchers affiliated with the McMaster Institute
of Music and the Mind. It is anticipated that these students will
become involved in research on sensory integration and/or the
perception of amplitude envelope.

A background in music is helpful, but formal musical training is not a
requirement. However, interested students will need a bachelor’s
degree in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Computer
Science, or another affiliated discipline. Experience in computer
programming will be viewed favorably, but is not a requirement.
Canadian citizens are particularly encouraged to apply. Inquiries
should be directed to Dr. Schutz (schutz@mcmaster.ca). Applications
received by Dec 15th will receive a full review (late applications
will be accepted, but those received by the 15th will receive first

Links with additional information:
MAPLE Lab: http://www.maplelab.net.
McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind: mimm.mcmaster.ca
Graduate studies in PNB:

Michael Schutz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Music
McMaster University School of the Arts
Chair, Percussive Arts Society Music Technology Committee
Core Member, McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind

Contact Information:
— Office: 408 Togo Salmon Hall
— Lab: 321 Togo Salmon Hall
— Web: http://www.michaelschutz.net
— Email: schutz@mcmaster.ca
— Phone: 905.525.9140, ext 23159 (office); ext 27021 (lab – not in
use for Summer 2011)
— Mailing address: 1280 Main St. W. Hamilton Ontario L8S 4M2