[ 16. Dezember 2014 ]

STUDIUM – PhD/Masters Opportunities at the University of Birmingham

Subject: PhD/Masters Opportunities at the University of Birmingham
Date:Sun, 14 Dec 2014
From:Scott Wilson

Hi All,

Just wanted to make you aware of some opportunities for postgraduate
studies at the University of Birmingham. Headlines:

* 87 AHRC Studentships available via Midlands 3 Cities, up to full
tuition plus living allowance, deadline January 14th
* College of Arts and Law Masters and Doctoral Scholarships, tuition
or tuition + maintenance respectively, deadlines April 24 and 27th
* Numerous smaller departmental scholarships, bursaries, and teaching
assistantships (applicants to AHRC or College funding will
automatically be considered for these)


Facilities and Resources:

* BEAST: World recognised system for the presentation of electronic
music, capable of ca. 100 discrete channel presentation;
opportunities to tour with BEAST arise on a semi-regular basis
* BEASTdome: 30+ channel semi-permanent 3D sound system, used for
weekly MiniBEAST lunchtime concerts as well as more formal events,
and on an ad hoc basis for compositional work
* State of the art studios, bespoke designed by Acoustic Dimensions
(Bimingham Symphony Hall, RSC, etc.):
o 2 multichannel studios (12+ channels with height, plus subwoofer)
o 1 large scale multichannel studio / special projects room (24+
channels with height, plus subs)
o 1 5.1 studio
o 1 stereo studio / recording control room, capable of recording
from around the building via Audio-over-Ethernet infrastructure
o 1 acoustically treated ‘dead’ room for source recording, soloist
booth, etc.
o 17 Computer Mac cluster room, with extensive compositional
software installed
* Elgar Concert Hall: Arguably the best university concert facility in
the UK, with incredibly flexible acoustics and infrastructure,
especially designed with BEAST/electronic music uses in mind
* Excellent equipment resources (mics/recorders/etc.) available for PG
student use
* Collaborative relationships with SOUNDkitchen and the Birmingham
Contemporary Music Group; ad hoc workshops with visiting performers
and ensembles

Recent areas of research of faculty and students include:

* Acousmatic Composition
* Multichannel audio
* Field Recording / phonography
* Performance practice of electroacoustic music
* Live and interactive electroacoustics
* Sound Installations
* Works for instruments and electronics
* Live Coding / Network Music Applications, usually with BEER, the
Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research, our laptop group
* SuperCollider (use and development)
* Sound Studies
* Studio Culture
* Crossover composition (various electronic + world/pop/etc.)

For more information contact Dr. Annie Mahtani: a.j.mahtani@bham.ac.uk



Dr. Scott Wilson

Reader in Electronic Music

Director of BEAST and the Electroacoustic Studios

Music Department

Bramall Music Building

University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, BirminghamB15 2TT
United Kingdom


Music Dept:http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/music

BEAST/Studios:http://www. birmingham.ac.uk/beast

BEASTmulch: http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/facilities/BEAST/research/mulch.aspx