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SUL/PORTUGAL – Sonic Explorations of A Rural Archive // Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art International Competition

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Datum: Wed, 1 Jun 2016

Betreff: SONIC EXPLORATIONS OF A RURAL ARCHIVE // Electroacoustic Music

and Sound Art International Competition



Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art International Competition

Coordination: Binaural/Nodar (Portugal)

In the context of Rural Viseu 2.0 project – co-funded by the Viseu

Terceiro programe of the Municipality of Viseu (Portugal) and

theCreative Europe programme of the European Union – SOCCOS Sound Art


Applications between June 1st and September 30th, 2016

Announcement of results October 31st, 2016

Retrospective exhibition of selected works from December 2016

Binaural/Nodaris a contemporary cultural entity operating in the rural

region of Viseu Dão Lafões (Portugal) in the fields of sound art and

multimedia creation, audiovisual rural archiving, sound education,

radio broadcasting and publishing (online, books, CD, DVD).

Binaural/Nodar has hosted more than 150 artists and researchers,

produced dozens of sound/media creations and spread its work in many

countries around Europe, America and Asia. Binaural/Nodar is an

activemember of three European networks dedicated to creativity and

territorial development: Tramontana network of rural media archives;

SOCCOS network of artist residencies in sound art; SUSPLACE network of

multidisciplinary research in ​​social sustainability processes of

local territories.

Viseu Rural 2.0 is an integrated project of rural heritage

documentation and archiving,sound/media arts creation and cultural

diffusion, being developed in the rural areas part of the Municipality

of Viseu (Portugal) during 2016. The projecttakes its motivation from

the assumption that there is a need to give expression and density to

a often forgotten rural arc surrounding the city of Viseu, which

memory and character are also part of the history of the city itself.

After a 1stversion of the Viseu Rural 2.0 project developed in 2015,

in the context ofwhich were produced 120 audio and video documents,

were created ten sound works by artists from six countries, were

produced five radio documentaries and organized a final retrospective

exhibition that was patent at Casa das Memórias in Viseu, between

November 2015 and April 2016, the follow up of the project brings some

new features, including one that is now announceed SONIC EXPLORATIONS

OF A RURAL ARCHIVE – Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art International


This international competition invites electroacoustic musicians and

sound artists from around the world to produce sound works based on

the Viseu Rural 2.0 archive, that is being collected and archived by

Binaural/Nodar (available athttp://www.viseururalmedia.org/download),

thus creating a sense of exploration and diffusion way beyond the

borders of Viseu and its rural surroundings.

Each artist can freely select and download sound files from the

archive and add other sound sources and sound processing, in order to

create a sound work inspired by the rural context of Viseu, which

should be submitted (in .wav/16 bit format) until September 30th, 2016

to be evaluated by the selection panel, composed by the board of

directors of Binaural/Nodar and associated experts from SOCCOS

European sound art network, which includes, apart from Binaural /

Nodar, QO-2 (Brussels , Belgium), Disk/CTM (Berlin, Germany) A-I-R

Laboratory (Warsaw, Poland) and Hai-Art (Hailluoto, Finland).

Apart from the sound piece, which should have an exact duration of 10

minutes, each artist must include an updated biographical note

including contacts (maximum 1,000 characters with spaces), a title for

the work, a text on thework (maximum 2,000 characters with spaces),

and finally an image (photography, drawing, collage, etc.) that

visually depicts the sound work, with the size of 30cm x 20cm in 300 dpi.

The material should be submitted as links (Google Docs, Dropbox etc.)

via the contact form available athttp://www.viseururalmedia.org/contactos.

The audio and visual material from the winning works will be exhibited

in aretrospective exhibition to take place at Casa da Ribeira in

Viseu, from December 2016 (on dates to be announced) and will later be

available online athttp://www.viseururalmedia.org


20 artists/works will be selected with the following monetary prizes

to be awarded each one:

1st prize: 1,000 Euro

2nd prize: 600 Euro

3rd prize: 400 Euro

4th to 10th prize: 200 Euro

11th to 20th prize: 100 Euro

Total prizes to be awarded: 4,400 Euro.

The first two winners will be invited to attend the exhibition opening

to personally receive their prizes.

Additional information on this competition:

Contact Luis Costa (president of the board of directors at Binaural/Nodar)

Tel. +351918951857 orluis@binauralmedia.org

Luís Costa


Binaural – Associação Cultural de Nodar

Rural Based Sound/Media Arts & Social Research

Rua do Pedregal

3660-645 Sul


Tel. +351 232 723 160

Mob. +351 918 951 857