[ 9. November 2009 ]

WARRENSBURG – UCM New Music Festival 2010, Call for Scores and Papers

From: Eric Honour honour@ucmo.edu
Hello all,
The second annual UCM New Music Festival will be held April 10-11,
2010 at the University of Central Missouri. All composers may submit
scores for consideration. Papers and panel sessions on topics related
to music since 1945 will be accepted for presentation at the
conference. Submissions from composers who can supply their own
performers are encouraged. Electronic, electroacoustic, acousmatic,
and multimedia works are also strongly encouraged (maximum 8.1 format
+ optional video; see website for list of available technology).
Deadline: Scores and recordings must be postmarked no later than Dec.
4, 2009.  Paper submissions should be emailed by that date.