[ 7. Oktober 2011 ]

WETTBEWERB – Musica Nova

Von: Rainer Bürck
Datum: 6. Oktober 2011 08:39:29 MESZ
Betreff: Musica Nova – Wettbewerb

Propositions for MUSICA NOVA 2011

1. The competition MUSICA NOVA was for the first time realized in 1969.
2. Composers, irregardless of their age and nationality are invited to
submit their works of electro-acoustic music created after 1st January
3. Category A is open to compositions of autonomous art electro-
acoustic music (tape music), or only one independent movement.
4. Category B is open to compositions of autonomous art electro-
acoustic music, or only one independent movement, for acoustic
instrument/voice/ensemble plus electronic media. Send one of realized
complete version of the composition, sent only electro-acoustic
without the instrumental or voice part will be excluded.
5. Each composer may submit only one entry to each category in
duration of no longer than 20 minutes, and the work may not have been
awarded a prize in another competition, nor been submitted to previous
MUSICA NOVA competitions.
6. Competition entries in both categories must be submitted with the
name of the composer specified.
7. Members of the jury cannot take part in the competition.
8. The jury of the competition shall be appointed by the leadership of
the Society for Electro-acoustic Music and composed of leading
composers of electro-acoustic compositions, musicologists, critics,
and recording engineers specializing in the electro-acoustic music
9. CD must be sent to the following address postmarked:
Lenka Dohnalova – Arts and Theatre Institute, Celetna 17, 110 00 PRAHA
1, Czech Republic
no later than 31st October 2011.
1. Entries into category A and B, recorded on a sophisticated
technical level and in stereo /or format 5.1/ must be submitted in the
medium of CD or DVD, and indexed by absolute time
2. Entries into categories A and B shall be accompanied by a score (if
necessary), technical and artistic description, name of studio where
work was produced, their durata, graphs, etc., to be judged by the jury
3. Entries into categories A and B shall be accompanied by a brief
artist statement, short biography, nationality, address, telephone
number, fax, and e-mail (attached form), see attached form
4. N.B: You can register electronically on http://musicanova.nipax.cz
and upload your composition (in MP3 format) on the FTP server for
better preparation working of jury. Your composition will be
accessible only for you and jury. Sending the CD rests obligatory. You
can register and upload your composition via our website: http://musicanova.seah.cz
electronically. In the section Registration, you can also directly
pay electronically by PayPal service.
10. The entry fee for each composition is 25 EURO (or equivalent).
Way of payment: IBAN: CZ48 0800 0000 0000 1404 5349, BIC: GIBACZPX,
address of the bank: Ceska sporitelna, a.s., Konevova 4, 130 00 Praha
3, Czech Republic
Please, hold the distinction of address postal for sending CD (Lenka
Dohnalov – Arts and Theatre Institute, Celetna 17, 110 00 Prague 1,
Czech Republic) and address official that could be write on the bank
order or checks /SEAH, Jeronymova 7, 130 00 Prague 3/. If your
transfer charges would be to expensive, write to: lenka.dohnalova@divadlo.cz
, please.
11. The audio recordings entered in the competition shall not be
returned to the composers and shall remain in the Society for Electro-
acoustic Music archives.
12. By entering his/her work in the competition, the composer consents
to public performances of his/her work in concerts and/or radio
broadcasting. The composer retains the copyright.
13. Prizes shall be awarded for the winning entries after the jury has
announced its verdict, which cannot be appealed. The jury can decide
to either combine, divide or not award some of the prizes.
14. Prizes in Categories A and B include: First Prizes, Honorable
Mentions and Special Prizes for Czech composers and for young
composers (until 25 years).
15. All entrants shall be notified of the verdict by the jury on the
awarding of prizes and honorable mentions by 15 November 2011.
16. Prizes will be presented during the award concert in December 2011
in Prague.
17. The awarded compositions will be performed in concerts organized
by the Society for Electro-acoustic Music and broadcast by radio, also
sent to EBU. The outcome of the competition will be published in the
network of International Music Council too.

Official address of the organiser: Society for Electroacoustic Music,
Jeronymova 7, 130 00 PRAGUE 3, Czech Republic
Director of the competition: Lenka Dohnalova, Ph.D – tel. +420 603 584
218, tel&fax +420 222 540 809, lenka.dohnalova@divadlo.cz
http://www.musicanova.seah.cz ; http://www.musicanova.nipax.cz ; Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/

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