[ 12. September 2012 ]

WETTBEWERB – Ninth MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Electrocoustic Composition Competition Guidelines

Von: Kevin Austin
Betreff: The Ninth MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Electrocoustic Composition Competition Guidelines
Datum: 9. September 2012 13:58:58 MESZ

The Ninth MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Electrocoustic Composition Competition Guidelines

I. General Provisions

The Ninth MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING electroacoustic composition competition will be held from October 22th to 28th in 2012. The competition is to promote the creativity and development of electroacoustic music as well as the combination of art and technology. It is jointly organized by MUSICAOUSTICA-BEIJING 2012 Organizing Committee and Electronic Music Association of China (EMAC).

II. Grouping Rules

Group A1:
For young composers – Academic electroacoustic Music; The duration of the work must not exceed 10 minutes.

Group A2:
For composers of any age – Electroacoustic Music; The duration of the work must not exceed 20 minutes.

Group B:
For young composers – Mix. Music of electroacoustic music and live instrument(s) and/or voice;
The duration of the work must not exceed 12 minutes.

Group C:
For young composers – Multimedia Music of electroacoustic music and video (original video, cooperators permitted);
The duration of the work must not exceed 10 minutes.

Group D:
For young composers – MIDI/Electronic Music; The work duration ofmust not exceed 10 minutes.

III. Competition Requirements

1. Contestants:
The competition is open to all nationalities. Participants will be divided into groups of young composers (full-time students or composers under 30), and composers (beyond 30).

2.Contesting Works:
The works submitted to the competition must be originally created in 2010 or after, and have never been awarded in any other competitions. There are no limitations for the number of entries submitted by each composer. However, it is not allowed to submit the same work to different groups.

3.Application Deadline:
The complete application material, which include completed forms and audio and/or video files, must be received no later than October 8th, 2012.

4.Entry Fee:
Entry fee is 100 RMB (could also be 12 Euro or 15 USD) for each composition submitted. Please wire the money to:
Name of the Bank: Bank of China, Dacheng Mansion Sub-branch
Account Name: Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM)
Account Number: 344156033863

The MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Organizing Committee holds the priority rights to give performance of the winning works, publish them in CDs, and promote them on MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING official website.
The award winners hold the authorship right and the rights to arrange performances and publishing for the winning compositions after the award.

To ensure fairness in the competition, any entry that involves plagiarism will be immediately subject to disqualification.

7. Submission Requirements:
Each applicant should submit the materials as following.

1)Application form in digital form (in English or Chinese);

2)A signed letter in digital form to grant the MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Organizing Committee the rights as stated in item 5 Copyrights.

3)Scanned official ID to confirm the age and identity of the applicant; 4)Composition Submission:

a)For compositions in Group A: WAV format (16bit/44.1kHz);

b)For compositions in Group B: WAV audio files (16bit/44.1kHz) for the instrumental/vocal and electroacoustic parts mixed together. In addition, submit the score of the instrument(s) and/or voice parts in digital form

c)For compositions in Group C: Audio files or video files in MPEG or AVI form;

d)For compositions in Group D: WAV audio files (16bit/44.1kHz) and the original project files;

Please make sure that the file name should be the same as it appears on the application form.

8. Submission Methods:
Please prepare the materials in two sets. One should be sent to the MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING 2012 Organizing Committee through postal office, the other by e-mail to the official email address .
Compositions in Group C need to send both sets through postal office.

The address of the organizing committee: Central Conservatory of Music

Center for Electronic Music of China 43 Baojia Street
Xicheng District
Beijing, 100031

P .R.China
(Please mark “MUSICACOUSTICA 2012 competition work” on the envelope.)

IV. Selecting Process

1. In order to ensure fairness and authoritativeness, the MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Organizing Committee has invited prominent musicians in different nationalities as juries.

2.The competition consists of preliminaries and finals. All the compositions will be judged anonymously. In preliminaries, the jury panel will listen to the records of compositions anonymously and vote for the ones to enter the final round. In the finals, the audio and video recordings from Group A2 and Group C will be judged and voted by the jury panel. Compositions from Group A1, Group B and Group D will be judged and voted in front of live audience. Judges are also asked to make public comments on participating works.

3.The awards include one First Prize, two Second Prizes, three Third Prizes and about four Honorary Mentions in each group. Based to the recommendations of juries and the MUSICACOUSTICA Competition Committee, a special individual award could be added and certain prizes could be vacant.

4.The list of award winners will be announced at the MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING closing ceremony on October 28th. The winning compositions will be published in CDs and distributed globally, and the audio of the winning work would appear on the official website of MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING.

5. Selected winning compositions will be played on MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING’s concert in 2013.

V. Competition Funds
1. This competition is an academic activity and is non-profit in nature.

2. The prizes are partially funded by cooperation companies designated by the organizing committee.

VI. Contact Information

MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING 2012 Organizing Committee official e-mail address: musicacoustica@vip.163.com

The organizing committee reserves the final interpretation right for the guideline. Any revision of the guideline will be released promptly on website http://www.musicacoustica.cn.