[ 16. September 2010 ]

WETTBEWERB – Prize winners Destellos Competition 2010

From: elsa justel
Date: September 15, 2010 1:46:21 PM GMT+02:00
Subject: Prize winners Destellos Competition 2010
Prizewinners Destellos Competition 2010

The Foundation Destellos is pleased to announce the results of the
Third International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and

The First Prize was given to „Escapade“ by Adam Stansbie (UK).
Two second prizes given by Motus (France) and Phonos (Spain) to: „El
espejo de Alicia“ by Federico Schumacher (CL) and „Métal en bouche“ by
Georges Forget (FR).

Special mentions were granted to „Fragot“ by Franco Alberto Pellini
(AR), „Rouge sang“ by Eric Broitmann (FR) and „10-35-70“ by Ambrose
Seddon (UK), and for the visual music pieces: „Trayecto ø- baby en
llamas“ by Luciano Giambastiani (AR) and „2BTextures by Elainie
Lillios (USA)

The members of the jury were: Ake Parmerud (Sweden), Horacio Vaggione
(Argentine), Elzbieta Sikora (Poland), Andrés Lewin Richter (Spain –
Phonos Foundation), Régis Renouard Larivière (France), Vincent Laubeuf
(France – Motus). All the pieces were judged anonymously.

There were 170 works entered from 29 different countries. In addition
to those awarded prizes and mentions, the following works were pre-
selected: „Bataille(s)“ by Laurent Ballester (FR), „Seeking Druses“ by
Lukas Tobiassen (DE), „Hardcore“ by Christopher Preissing (USA),
„Turbulent blue“ by Jon Christopher Nelson (USA), „Voicing the
substance“ by David Hindmarch (UK), „Analogia e identidad“ by Daniel
Sergio Cervantes (AR), „Paisajes Ocultos“ by Raúl Minsburg (AR),
„Bourrasques électriques“ by Nicolas Bernier (ca), „Vulgus Veritatis“
by Carlos Suárez Sánchez (ve), „Karita Oto“ by Manuella Blackburn
(UK), „Rarezas“ by Leonardo Secco (uy), „Allora, in questo momento“ by
Marco Tentori (it), „El papel del vidrio“ by Alejandro Albornoz (CL),
„The movement of the mass“ by Ofer Pelz (IL), „Saxyi“ by Oliver
Carman (UK) and „En spirale“ by Adolfo Kaplan (CL)