[ 15. Dezember 2010 ]

WETTBEWERB – Remix Luc Ferrari

From: Proposal to composers
Date: 2010/12/11
Subject: Proposition aux compositeurs/ Proposal to composers

Proposal to composers

To composers who wish to compose with some of Luc Ferrari’s sound
archives or to use them in their musical project, PRESQUE RIEN
Association proposes to visit the track list on the site
and listen to the files that will be available to them.
These sound files were collected during a first portion of digitizing
Ferrari’s magnetic archives and should be downloaded on request from

Needless to say that the candidates should include in their program
and copyright declaration the name of Luc Ferrari as well as the name
of used sounds and their duration.
The pieces thus produced and sent to the Association PRESQUE RIEN:

Atelier post-billig
11, cité Voltaire
75011 Paris – France

will be carefully listened to by a jury that meets every two years.
The thus selected composition will be endowed with a prize and appear,
obviously with the name of its composer and his internet link, if
desired, on the site lucferrari.org.
We expect your project with curiosity and impatience!