[ 2. August 2011 ]

WORKSHOP – Summer Workshop, M&R

Von: Musiques & Recherches
Datum: 22. Juli 2011 13:43:54 MESZ
Betreff: Stages d’été/Summer Workshop, M&R

16-08-2011 au 21-08-2011
Composition électroacoustique/Electroacoustic Composition par/by
Annette Vande Gorne
Le stage de composition électroacoustique s’organise en cours
théoriques, donnés le matin, et exercices pratiques l’après-midi. Il
se clôture par un concert de fin de stage. Le stage est destiné tant
aux amateurs qu’aux professionnels, et est donné par Annettte Vande
Gorne, compositrice et professeur au Conservatoire Royal de Mons
(section électroacoustique).

30-08-2011 au 03-09-2011
Summer course on spatialised performance of acousmatic music par/by
Annette Vande Gorne

23-08-2011 au 28-08-2011
MAX/MSP – Beginners
Discover the potential of the MAX/MSP softwares

This will be some first steps in Max/MSP: the language, its structure,
syntax and logic; using Midi; basic techniques for synthesis, sampling
and processing; building musically useful patches.

Course by Benjamin Thigpen (composer and teacher at Conservatoires of
Cuneo – Italy- and of Mons -Belgium).
The courses will probably be taught in English, but could be taught in
French (or Italian)

30-08-2011 au 04-09-2011
MAX/MSP – Advanced Users
Master the functionalities of the Max/MSP Softwares
The content will depend on the participants but may include such
topics as granular sampling, analysis and resythesis with FFT, filter
banks, vocoding, various other types of processing, envelope
following, pitch following, attack detection, techniques for mixed
(instrumental and electronic) music, building live performance
patches, other miscellaneous and mysterious DSP issues and Max
Course by Benjamin Thigpen ( composer and teacher at the
Conservatoires of Cuneo, Italy, and Mons, Belgium).
The courses will probably be taught in English, but could be taught in
French (or Italian)

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