[ 5. Juli 2009 ]

AUSSCHREIBUNG – Colloque/symposium L’Espace du Son III

From: Annette Vande Gorne
Date: 2009 June 25 1:51:16 PM EDT (CA)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
In 1988, Musiques & Recherches published a first volume of its 
thematic journal „LIEN“ under the supervision of Francis Dhomont; the 
volume was called ‚L’Espace du Son‘ and was re-published ten years 
later. Riding on the success of this first volume, a second was 
published in 1991, once again under the supervision of Francis; the 
latter is currently out of print but it will be accessible in 
electronic form from the website of Musiques & Recherches as of 15 
July 2009.