[ 4. Juni 2012 ]

CALL – 2012-2013 BulldogBytes Concert Series

Von: Kevin Austin
Datum: 4. Juni 2012 16:05:30 MESZ
Betreff: Call for works announcement

2012-2013 BulldogBytes Concert Series (South Carolina State
University, Orangeburg, SC)

Contact: Thomas Dempster (tdempste@scsu.edu)
Entry Fee: None
Deadline: September 15, 2012
Receipt Type: Receipt

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts at South Carolina State
University announces a call for the inaugural year of BulldogBytes, a
concert series for electronic music, with concerts occurring in
November 2012 and March 2013, and a possible third concert in May
2013. Composers are invited to submit their work for consideration for
programming on these concerts.

Any composer may submit one work for consideration. Media and formats
are (unfortunately) currently limited to stereo playback, quadraphonic
playback, 5.1 playback, and video/DVD (5.1) playback. We are unable to
accept works for larger playback arrays (7.2, 8.0, etc) or works for
instrumentalists and electronics or live manipulated electronics at
this time.

While there is no glamorous cash prize for composers chosen, there is
no fee associated with this call for works. Woot!

Composers selected are not required to attend the concerts, though
they may be asked to record brief audio or audio/video introductions
to their pieces as virtual program notes to be played before the
concerts or in between pieces. Composers whose works are selected will
receive a PDF of the concert program for their records.

While this call may be repeated if an insufficient number of
submissions is received, the deadline for the receipt of all materials
is 11.59 PM (Eastern Time) on 15 September 2012, with materials either
sent electronically or sent by post. Composers selected will be
notified after 1 October 2012 and before 15 October 2012.

Submission Instructions:

Submissions in digital format are strongly preferred over mail.

Pieces longer than 15 minutes in duration may not be considered in
order to accommodate as many submissions as possible. We seek a rich
offering of works for each concert and aim to include widely
contrasting styles and techniques; all considerations will be made on
the basis of program flow. Please, though, feel free to submit work
from any realm of electronic music.

In an email message, please insert your

1. name,
2. contact information (email and telephone number mandatory;
institutional affiliation and physical address optional),
3. brief bio (< 150 words),
4. title of piece,
5. program notes (