[ 11. April 2013 ]

Call for works – 12-channel audio „Do More With Less“


Call for 12-channel audio works:
„Do More With Less“

URBAN SOLAR AUDIO PLANT is a solar powered, WiFi controlled,
multichannel sound system for public spaces.

In 2013 there will be six USAP performances at very different places
in the Ruhr Area, Germany.

If you want to become part of the USAP Content Community (UCC) please
send us short audio abstracts (stereo) of your ideas for our upcoming
12-channel „Audio Gardening Multichannel Streams“:
to be curated by the Chief Audio Gardeners Peter Eisold and Micha Dawid.

The start of this years USAP season takes place in May during the
interdisciplinairy C60 Collaboratorium at the Ruhr Universität Bochum

Therefore, it would be desirable that the spirit of Buckminster
Fuller’s credo „Do more with less“ is recognizable as part of your work.

After the Chief Gardeners decisions (non-enforceable by law) you will
be asked to complete your ideas into a 12-channel composition
(consisting of 12 mono-mp3 files).

Deadline for abstracts: April 30th 2013

If acceptet by the curators: Deadline for 12-ch works is May 13th 2013

Please send inquiries, audio abstracts and conceptual notes about your
ideas to
Peter Eisold: peter@sonarcities.org