[ 9. Juli 2021 ]

DEGEM News – FWD -[ak-discourse] Two open PhD student research positions available at Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Von: steffen.lepa@tu-berlin.de via ak discourse
Datum: Fri, 9 Jul 2021
Betreff: [ak-discourse] Two open PhD student research positions available at Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Dear community,

we are happy to announce two new PhD student positions at the *Johannes
Kepler University (JKU) Linz*, *Institute of Computational Perception*.
We are searching for two highly motivated PhD students to join our young
team in the *Multimedia Mining and Search* and *Human-centered AI* groups.

Position 1 is on Job recommender systems (with a focus on bias and
fairness of content-based RS), for 24 months, starting November 2021.

Position 2 is on Music recommender systems (with a focus on
context-awareness, holistic user modeling, and explainability), for 36
months, starting October 2021.

We offer a great place to work at a university located in the center of
Europe, a strong embedding in our young and growing research team and
our international collaboration networks, a competitive salary, and
social security provisions.

If you are interested and have a strong background in recommender
systems, natural language processing, machine learning, user modeling,
web mining, and/or data analytics, please contact Markus Schedl
(markus.schedl@jku.at) and include the following documents:

* Curriculum vitae
* Publication list (if you already published in scientific venues)
* Certificates (including English translations!)
* Statement of your research expertise and interests related to the
project topics

Best regards,
Markus Schedl

Univ.-Prof. D.I. Mag. Dr. Markus Schedl
Institute of Computational Perception
Head of Multimedia Mining and Search Group

Linz Institute of Technology (LIT), AI Lab
Head of Human-centered AI Group

Altenberger Strasse 69
4040 Linz, Austria
Office: Aubrunnerweg 3B/1 (ground floor, left)

P +43 732 2468 4716
F +43 732 2468 4705