[ 7. Dezember 2021 ]

DEGEM News – FWD – Javier A. Garavaglia – NEWSLETTER – DECEMBER 2021

Von: Javier Garavaglia
Datum: Mon, 6 Dec 2021
Betreff: Javier A. Garavaglia – NEWSLETTER – DECEMBER 2021

Dear friends and colleagues
The end of the 2021 approaching, a video with excerpts from the concert on 5.9.21 of the series Chamber Remix Cologne at RHENANIA KUNSTAHAUS in Cologne (Germany) with acousmatic, interactive and audiovisual compositions by myself and Claudia Robles-Angel has been recently posted in YOUTUBE @ https://youtu.be/A8pxZwoqYmU
Further, my latest acousmatic composition (Stereo) BEFREMDLICHE LANDSCHAFTEN, premiered in Bochum (Germany) last September during the Festival Blaues Rauschen 2021 can still be listened to online @
Last but not least, my acousmatic composition MINIATURSTÜCK I is now commercially available on one of the triple CD Box of the Edition DEGEM celebrating 30 years of the German Society for Electroacoustic Music (DEGEM). Details @https://www.degem.de/cds-dvds/zukunftsmusik-im-hier-und-jetzt-oder-nie-wendepunkte/
All the best and stay safe