[ 13. November 2020 ]

DEGEM News – RADIO – upcoming radio broadcasts [Christian Banasik]

Von: Christian Banasik
Datum: Wed, 11 Nov 2020
Betreff: upcoming radio broadcasts


Radio Broadcasts November
Radiophrenia is a temporary art radio station – a two-week exploration into current trends in sound and transmission arts. 
The broadcast schedule includes a series of 20 newly commissioned radio works, live shows and pre-recorded features.
broadcastig across Glasgow on 87.9 FM
or listen online worldwide
works by Christian Banasik 
„Glass Cutter“ Friday 13th. 10:30 am 
„I See A Voice“ Tuesday 17th.  08:00 am 
„Letzte Gebaerde offener Muender“ Thursday 19th. 08:00 pm 
„Das Blindenspiel“ Thursday 19th. 08.00 pm 
stay safe
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Christian Banasik