[ 27. Oktober 2016 ]

NEWS – Marc Behrens News last week of October 2016

Von: Marc Behrens

Datum: Thu, 27 Oct

Betreff: Marc Behrens News last week of October 2016

Marc Behrens News last week of October 2016


October 29–30, 2016

Oct 29, 19:00 – Oct 30, 3:00 (MET)

Marc Behrens scheduled at 22:00 and 1:40 (MET)

Cologne, Germany: Marc Behrens «Mut Att Narc Imm» and «Clould» live at

«Soundart 2016» during the «Museumsnacht Köln». The eight hours long

program features live performances by: Tomomi Adachi,

Gilles Aubry, Marc Behrens, Lisa Domin/Ralf-Tibor Stemmer/Zofia

Bartoszewicz, Luis Negrón van Grieken, Balz Isler, Albrecht Pischel. The

event will take place at the WDR Hörspielstudio, Funkhaus Wallrafplatz,

Cologne. A cooperation of WDR3, Stiftung Hören, Skulpturenmuseum

Glaskasten Marl, European Soundart Award.




October through December 2016

Wrong Wrong Magazine, Portugal: Marc Behrens is artist-in-residence in

the issue Wrong Wrong n.7 «O Regresso da Europa/The Return of Europe».

The essay «One About Sugar/Um Sobre Açúcar» was published October 26.

Curated by Sandra Vieira Jürgens and Paulo T. Silva.




YouTube channel: youtube.com/c/marcbehrens

digital audio releases: marcbehrens.bandcamp.com