[ 21. Mai 2014 ]

NEWS – Marc Behrens News May 2014

Subject: Marc Behrens News May 2014
Date: Wed, 21 May 2014
From: Marc Behrens

Marc Behrens News May 2014

Released May 20, 2014 as a free download on Impulsive Habitat:
Marc Behrens: Recurrent, album, mp3/FLAC. Impulsive Habitat,
free download: http://impulsivehabitat.com/releases/ihab094.htm
and a short YouTube clip of the original installation:

available for pre-order through Entr’acte:
Ho. Turner: The Shrill, cassette (E173), Entr’acte.
The Shrill is a complementary album to
Systematic/Synergetic/Synchronistic/Syntonized/Sensitized! (E169, 2014).
Edited and produced by Marc Behrens for Entr’acte, 2014.

last few copies available through me…
Entr’acte: Ho. Turner:
Systematic/Synergetic/Synchronistic/Syntonized/Sensitized!, cassette
(E169), Entr’acte.
Systematic/Synergetic/Synchronistic/Syntonized/Sensitized! is a mix of
short tracks from between ca. 1979 and 1987 that offers a glimpse into
the time and sonic space in which Ho. Turner (1948–2012) operated.
Edited and produced by Marc Behrens for Entr’acte, 2014.

Starting May 30, 2014:
«Availabel», a label for some of my works in digital-only format. One of
the first activities will be re-releasing an old techno-related project
from the 1990s, masterfully re-mastered by my friend and colleague
Atom™. «Devolution+» will be the first of three Eyephone albums for the
next months, each album featuring the original (and complete) material
plus previously unreleased tracks. On bandcamp and some of your usual
digital distributors. Stay tuned…
Here’s a little prelisten from «Eyephone – Devolution+»:

still until May 31, 2014
DEGEM WebRadio @ ZKM, Germany: a 117-minute feature of mostly recent
work by Marc Behrens, and the artist in conversation with Michael
Harenberg (in german language). Press radio button E.

Marc Behrens