[ 27. Juli 2010 ]

NEWS – Metamorphoses 2010 Results

Von: Todor Todoroff
Datum: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 11:36:10 +0200
Betreff: Metamorphoses 2010 Results


Nearly 130 pieces were received for the present edition of the
Métamorphoses Composition Competition, applying for prizes in both
categories (A – students under 28 years old; B – composers under 50
years old).

Jury members for the preselection: Francis Dhomont, Ingrid Drese,
Christine Groult, Annette Vande Gorne.

The winner of the Category A – students – is :
A glass is not a glass – Adam Basanta (Canada)

The jury has selected 8 finalists for the Category B prizes – First
Prize, Prize from the Public and Prize Musiques et Recherches – to be
announced on the 20th of October at the Marni Theater in Brussels.

The 8 finalists for the Category B are the following :
PianoForte – Tseng Yu-Chung (Taiwan)
El espejo de Alicia – Federico Schumacher (Chile)
Portals – Graeme Truslove (Scotland/UK)
De part et d’autre – Julien Guillamat (France)
Construct Synthesis Panayiotis Kokoras (Greece)
Les barricades mystérieuses – Antonio Ferreira (Portugal)
Flohimont – Rudi Giot (Belgium)
Elemental chemistry – Erik Nyström (Sweden)

The jury has selected the following composers and pieces as honourable mentions:
Lamentations – John Young (New Zealand/UK)
Le temps d’un rivage – Gaël Tissot (France)
Hooks – Roeland Luyten (Belgium)
Forme, image, musique – Daniel Perez Hajdu (Belgium)
2261 Mario Mary (Argentina/France)
TOC Clément Parmentier (Belgium)

The jury has also selected one of the applicant’s pieces as an imposed
piece for the Spacialization Competition Espace du Son to take place
also during the festival. The chosen piece was
Labyrinth by Robert Ratcliffe (UK).