[ 15. Oktober 2016 ]

NEWS – Ouvirouver Journal v.12 n.1 is online

Von: Daniel Barreiro via cec conference

Datum: Fri, 14 Oct 2016

Betreff: [cec-c] Ouvirouver Journal v.12 n.1 is online

The current issue of the Ouvirouver Journal contains a special section

dedicated to Electroacoustic Music / Music Technology that might be of

interest to some list members.


This is the list of titles and DOI links (after opening the link for

each article click on „PDF“ to download it):

Round the World in Sixty Minutes: approaches to the evocation of space,

place and location in recent multichannel works

Jonty Harrison


Discurso y sentido en música electroacústica

Rodrigo Sigal Sefchovich


Identidad y arte sonoro: el proyecto “Argentina suena”

Raúl Minsburg


B – is for Bird – A game-audio musical work for resynthesized syrinx

Ricardo Climent


Site and Time Specificity In the Performance of Live Electronics

Theodoros Lotis


Hacia una metodología para la recuperación del Patrimonio Sonoro

Histórico. El Circuito de Restauración de antiguas grabaciones.

Daniel Schachter