[ 21. August 2011 ]

ONLINE – Fantastic resource! (Warren Burt); Ubu.com

Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2011 06:40:37 +1000
From: „Warren Burt“
Subject: [Acma-l] Fantastic resource!

Chris Mann just sends me this fantastic link:


The good folks at Ubu have put up a treasure trove of electronic music
history documents. Books, magazines, interviews, and patents. Roam
through it and enjoy.

And if you have things you think it would be good to share that aren’t
up there, write to the curators of the page. I’m sure they’d be
delighted to add materials. For example, does anyone have a copy of
Cross and Grainger’s Electric Eye Tone Tool patent?


Warren Burt
PO Box 1046
Daylesford, VIC, 3460