[ 3. August 2010 ]

WIEN – September sound symposium, Does Sound Have Meaning?

Von: Kevin Austin
Datum: 31. Juli 2010 21:04:02 MESZ
Betreff: September sound symposium in Vienna: Does Sound Have Meaning?

Does Sound Have Meaning?

Sound Researchers & Practitioners Convene to Discuss ’symbolic sounds‘
at KISS 2010

Vienna, 24-26 September 2010: Can music and sound-effects be symbolic?
Sound designers, composers, sound artists, film makers, researchers
and others sharing an intense interest in sound will be convening in
Vienna Austria from the 24th through 26th of September to discuss this
and other, similarly controversial, issues at the annual Kyma
International Sound Symposium (KISS2010): http://www.tonsalon.at.

Lively discussions, electronic/computer music performances,
interactive installations, demos, workshops, and paper sessions will
be held in the newly renovated Casino Baumgarten, a spectacular
ballroom built in 1890 (http://www.tonsalon.at/KISS2010/index.php/location
), and the Rhiz Bar Modern, a showcase for experimental media in
Vienna (http://rhiz.org/).


Join in the free on-line discussion

Anyone having an intense interest in sound is invited to join in the
free on-line discussion at http://pphilosophyofsound.ning.com, a new
forum created by symposium co-organizer, Peter Rantasa. Sign in and
introduce yourself by sharing your earliest sonic memory. Discussions
on sound, symbol, and meaning have already begun and will continue
during and after the symposium. You can participate on line whether or
not you are able to attend the symposium in Vienna.

To register for KISS2010:

The registration deadline for participating in KISS2010 is 13
September 2010. The participation fee of ¤ 90 (¤ 40 for students)
includes the 3-day symposium, morning/afternoon refreshments, and 2
evening concerts. To register, please visit: http://www.tonsalon.at/KISS2010/index.php/registration/essentialreading
before 13 September 2010.


The Kyma International Sound Symposium (KISS) is an annual conclave of
current and potential Kyma practitioners who come together to learn,
to share, to meet, to discuss, and to enjoy a lively exchange of
ideas, sounds, and music! Kyma is a sound design environment created
by Symbolic Sound Corporation ( http://www.symbolicsound.com ). This
year, the KISS symposium is being organized by Wiener Klangwerkstatt
in cooperation with Symbolic Sound and with the support of Analog
Audio Association Austria, Preiser Records, and the Austrian Federal
Ministry of Science and Research.

Conference Contact Information:

Barbara Kopf
KISS 2010 Conference office
Email: office.KISS2010@tonsalon.at
Telephone: +43 (0)650 212 1646
Web: http://www.tonsalon.at/KISS2010